Reed Smith Sees Uptick in International Collaboration

Global Communication

An international law firm with thousands of employees, Reed Smith heavily relied on regional document management systems to help process thousands of essential business documents each day. In 2009, the firm was faced with designing a global collaborative system to help with cross-selling initiatives. It also wanted to address distance issues between its two main data centers in the U.S. and Europe.

The challenge was to maintain a performance-rich document search and access experience regardless of the location of the user or the document. U.S. teams would expect the same local region search and access performance experience on the European system. Likewise, European users needed seamless and efficient access to U.S. repositories. Additionally, the firm wanted to reduce its data center storage and combine US/ Europe group document libraries with single instant storage. Without ease of accessibility and single instant storage, Reed Smith would not be able to provide seamless international collaboration and could not benefit from global cross selling opportunities.

The company turned to Forsythe for assistance. After detailed interviews and analysis, Forsythe recommended, tested and finally implemented a new technology to reduce application latency between the two data centers.

Today, with the new technology in place, Reed Smith employees in the U.S. and Europe are able to search and access either document repository quickly and efficiently. Ultimately, Reed Smith has seen a significant increase in cross selling opportunities and international collaboration. Plans for 2010 include the implementation and integration of another data center and global sharing of an Asian document system.

“We were very impressed with the in depth analysis Forsythe performed to help us select a WAN accelerator,” says Frank Hervert, Reed Smith’s senior manager of network services and security technologies. “The Forsythe engineering teams worked closely with our IT staff to introduce the appliances to our complex data center infrastructure. They provided complete diagramming, documentation and base configurations in advance, and stayed with us every step of the way.”

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