From Disco to the Digital Age, UNIX Delivers Value

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Today, we’re debunking the myth that UNIX is dead. From powering large workloads on complex systems, to lowering total cost of ownership, to merging legacy systems, we’re here to find out how Unix is not only helping businesses survive, it’s helping them thrive in disruptive markets.

We spoke with industry expert Kevin Gee to find out how the myth got started and how it’s bringing still value to diverse organizations.

Listen to this episode to learn:

  • Why UNIX gets a bad rap
  • How UNIX is still providing value to businesses
  • How IBM Power Platforms are helping organizations see value with Unix
  • How your company should decide on a platform
  • The future of UNIX and how young, STEM graduates can benefit from working with it

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UNIX continues to defy the negative myths that surround it. Learn how businesses are still benefiting from UNIX. Listen to the podcast.